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ManufacturerRussian Made
DescriptionThe Mosin-Nagant’s I have are hand selected with all matching serial numbers except bayonet. They are in Excellent Condition and Look like they are straight from the Factory. I have several left with two brass rings on the stock. 5 rd. integral mag. Barrel: 26”, Overall: 48”, Weight: 8.2 lbs.
The Russians modernized the Mosin-Nagant model 1891 rifle into what would become one of the most successful military arms the world has ever known! Its simple and robust design, accuracy and awesome reliability was used by the Soviets well as their main battle rifle of WWII. hardwood. One Hex receiver Priced at $350.00
DepartmentUsed Firearms › Rifle
Additional InfoFor the Collectors, the condition of these firearms makes them Collectables. They are a must see, call to set up an appointment. 903-581-0911.
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